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Marketing Plan

If you're considering selling your Home in Pensacola, Cantonment, Pace, Milton, Gulf Breeze, or Pensacola Beach we hope you'll allow us to assist you.  Below you can review how we are able to market your property and expose it to more potential buyers than any other Realtor in Pensacola - We will provide your home with maximum exposure to the local area, nation-wide, and internationally.  Ten, five or even two  years ago, there was a standard way a homeowner or Realtor sold homes.   However, Lew constantly take classes, read professional periodicals, and communicates with the most productive Realtors in the nation.  With new technology and each changing market condition comes different approaches to effectively and efficiently get a home sold.   Some of the old reliables from yester-year are ineffective today.   Rest assured we spare no expense or resource to get your home maximum exposure.

Internet Marketing:

According to the 2014 National Association of Realtors (NAR) study, 96% of all home buyer used the Internet to search for homes.  This figure is up from 80% in 2005, and 72% in 2004.  Because of this dramatically high percentage, we feel it is critical to leverage this medium to ensure your home gains maximum exposure.   We can guarantee that anyone looking for your type home, in your area, in your price range will, in fact be exposed to your property through our comprehensive marketing.   Here are just some of the websites that we will place your property listing and photos:

MyPensacolaHomes.com Internet Marketing for Sellers
(click photo)

In addition to placing your listing on those websites, and many more, we purchase packages with many of the leading Real Estate Search engines to ensure your home has multiple photos, detailed descriptions, and many times virtual and/or video tours.   For each of those listings, the leads, or potential buyers come directly to us.  Who else would you want describing or showing your home, than your listing Realtor?

While Internet exposure has quickly become the most valuable aspect of marketing homes today, we still consider other traditional forms of marketing very important.  The following is a list of other marketing services we commonly use to provide your home with maximum exposure.

Print Advertising:

Print advertising is quickly becoming a thing of the  past.  While some Realtors continue to advertise their listings in print, the reality is they're not selling homes this way.  Instead, its a way to advertise their services to potential sellers.   Have you ever thought, "geez, that Realtor has so many listings and they are really advertising them"?  9% of buyers purchase their home after they respond to an print advertised property but less than 3% actually purchased the property they initially inquired about.  We'd much rather focus our resources on those venues that actually produce the buyer for your home.   That said, there are specific times and reasons for placing a print ad, we do that to ensure maximum exposure.

Realtor Exposure:

REMAX  - Your home gets immediate exposure within our 7 local offices to our over 120 successful Realtors.  We are Pensacola's most powerful real estate company.

Pensacola Multiple Listing Service - Your property with photos will be listed within 24 hours
and advertised to the nearly 3000 local area Realtors.   Besides the buyers in our personal databases who happen to be looking for your type of home, your listing will be immediately sent to every potential buyer in every local-area Realtor's database looking for your type home, in your price range, and in your area.  Can you see how we can guarantee you "maximum exposure"?

Email flyer to your area's 200 most productive Realtors.  After all, we want them also working for us.

General Marketing:

Marketing Reports - We will report to you and keep you up-to-date on marketing activities for your property.

Just Listed, high-quality color postcards prepared and mailed to sphere of influence and your neighborhood.   We've found that folks want to live near their friends and family.  We want to be sure to invite your neighbors to view your home so they can become a source to assist in selling your home.

Open Houses

When Realtors carried a six inch binder of homes with them, called the Multiple Listing Service, and gas was $1.00/gallon you could fill a home during an open house.   Now days, with the on-line Realtor MLS and all the public search sites, potential buyers can view 20-25 photo's of the home or virtual tour, or can see a satellite view of a neighborhood, and gas is around $3.00/gallon, today's first showing is via the computer.   Open Houses, no matter how much wine you offer, hamburgers, hot dogs, or cup cakes, are rarely an effective selling tool anymore.    That said, in particular situations, collectively, we may decide to have an open house.   Again, if there's a chance that some mode of marketing has a chance of selling your home, we'll do it.


We've found that one of the biggest complaints sellers have about their prior listing Realtors was
the lack of feedback and communication.  We understand that, so we:

Follow up with salespeople who have shown your home - Obtain feedback and communicate this to you.

Regularly apprise you of current sales and changing market conditions in your area

Manage the transaction and closing process - Dealing with buyer, buyer's agent, lender, surveyors, title, appraiser, closing attorney, transaction coordinator, inspector, termite companies, etc.

Contract Negotiations, processing and Post sale follow up - We want your complete satisfaction.

Whether you're planning to sell your home today or in the future, it's never a bad idea to learn and keep updated on the market value of, for most, your most important asset.

Feel free to call us with questions about listing your home or to request a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and an idea of how our marketing plan can be implemented to help you sell your home...
For the Most Money... in Less time... with the Fewest Hassles.

We strive to offer the absolute most possible exposure for our Pensacola-area home sellers.
And we believe we're doing just that!

Thanks for considering Lew and RE/MAX on the Coast to list, market, and most importantly, SELL your house!


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